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1. Introductory Provisions

1.1 Unless agreed otherwise in writing, these General business and delivery terms issued in compliance with provisions of Section 273 of the Commercial Code /hereinafter referred to as the “Terms”/ shall govern contractual relations between the seller and the buyer mentioned in the order.

1.2 The contractual relations between the seller and the buyer shall either arise by signing document called the Accepted Order by both contracting parties, or by sending a written order /by e-mail, fax or by post/ of the buyer to the seller and the written confirmation of order of the buyer by the seller /by e-mail, fax/.

2. Subject Matter

2.1 The subject matter is a delivery of promotional items with or without printing /hereinafter referred to as the “Goods”/ and services mentioned in the order, including all of its attachments.  

3. Purchase Price of Goods and Services /Printing/

3.1 The price listed for each goods, and in the printing price list in the catalogues of the seller /hereinafter referred to as the “Catalogue”/ does not include VAT and, unless the different price has been agreed upon in writing or a different price is agreed upon during the year by a specially issued price list, it represents the valid purchase price of the goods and printing for concluding order on the pertinent day. In case a price list has been issued for the catalogue, then the purchase price of goods and printing is governed by the prices and, as the case may be, terms listed in the price list valid as of the day of signing the order.

4. Time of Delivery

4.1 If the goods are not in the seller´s stock, the seller shall confirm the date of delivery to the buyer.

4.2 The delivery time period for orders with and without printing starts to run on the day of sending confirmation of accepted order by the seller.

4.3 For the orders with printing, the buyer is obliged to deliver the artwork to the seller within 48 hours after accepting order and approve the graphic previews for printing within 48 hours after their sending and send them back to the seller.

4.4 For orders with printing, the delivery time period will be extended by as many initiated working days for which the buyer is in delay with the delivery of artwork materials for printing or approving the sent previews for printing above the time period provided in the Article 4.3.

4.5 The seller is obliged to hand the artwork to the buyer for approval at the latest within 6 working days from the day of receiving complete artwork materials for printing.

5. Terms of Delivery

5.1 The seller is also entitled to perform the subject matter of the order in part, and the buyer is obliged to accept the partial performance of the subject matter of the order.

5.2 If the buyer is late by more than 14 days with accepting the goods, in case of paying the advance payment by the buyer, the seller will appeal the buyer to accept the goods in an alternate time period of 10 days and also inform the buyer that it intends to sell the goods. After the lapse of time within the limited ten days period, the seller is entitled to sell the goods for the minimum value of 20% of the purchase price. From the sale profit, the seller is entitled to keep the amount equal to costs related to the sale of goods and the storage fee amounting CZK 100 a day. The rest gained out of the sale will be returned to the buyer. The buyer must request to be paid the remaining part.

6. Payment Terms

6.1 The Buyer undertakes to pay the purchase price for the delivered goods and services including the potential transport charge, as well as any additional fees and VAT.

6.2 After a mutual agreement, one of the following methods of payment shall be marked in the Purchase Contract:

                               A)  Invoice after delivery of goods

                               B)  Cash on delivery of goods

                               C)  100% advance payment including VAT

                               D)  Payment on delivery /road transport, postal service/

                               E)  Advance payment + invoice

                               F)  Advance payment + cash on delivery

6.3 In case of A option, the seller has the right to invoice on the day of delivery of goods to the buyer or to the first common carrier.

6.4 The invoice is due within 10 days from the issue date; the invoice is considered to be paid on the day of crediting the whole invoiced amount to the seller´s account. 

6.5 The seller is also entitled to invoice a partial performance of subject matter of the order and the buyer is obliged to pay such invoice within the due period.

6.6 The property rights to the subject matter of the order shall transfer to the buyer after paying the purchase price for the delivered goods in full amount to the seller´s account.

6.7 No part of the purchase price for the delivered goods may be paid by debts to third parties or inclusion of the buyer´s debt against the seller, unless contracting parties agreed otherwise.

7. Contractual Penalties

7.1 In case the buyer is late with paying or completing the payment of the purchase price /options A and E of 6.2 of Terms/ to the seller, the buyer is obliged to pay to the seller the contractual penalty amounting 0,1% per day of the amount due for each initiated calendar due day.

8. Withdrawal from the Order

8.1 The seller may withdraw from the order in case the buyer is late with paying the advance payment by more than 10 days after the agreed date, and furthermore, in case of a gross violation of the contract or in cases provided by the Commercial Code.

8.2 The buyer may only withdraw from the order in case of a gross violation of contract by the seller or in cases provided by the Commercial Code.

8.3 The withdrawal from the order must be in writing and must contain the reason for the withdrawal. By delivery of the withdrawal from the order, the contract is cancelled from the beginning.

8.4 In case the Seller withdraws from the order /or from a part of the performance/, the buyer is obliged to return to the Seller the delivered goods /or a part of the goods related to the withdrawal/ within 7 days after the withdrawal from the order.

8.5 The Seller is not responsible for a delay or inability to deliver the goods in consequence of Force Majeure events, or in case the ordered goods are not available in the market within the time period requested by the buyer. In such case, the seller will inform the buyer in writing /by e-mail, fax or by post/ on the alternate extended performance time period or impossibility of delivery of the pertinent goods at all; this does not give the buyer any right for reimbursement of any possible damage against the seller. The buyer will confirm its consent with this alternate performance date in writing /fax is also possible/, all this within the time period marked on the information provided by the seller. If the buyer does not do so, it will be considered to have withdrawn from the order, or its part, and the seller will automatically /without any further notice/ cancel these undelivered items from the order.

8.6 The right to receive the contractual penalty and the storage fee is not affected by the withdrawal from the order.

9. Other Provisions

9.1 If the buyer orders printing on goods in its order, the buyer is obliged to provide the artwork materials in minimum scale 3:1 in black and white contrast design and clearly describe the position and colour of the printing. Failing to meet such obligation relieves the seller from the responsibility for the quality of printing and the buyer has no right to request correction free of charge or to withdraw from the order for this reason.

9.2 At the moment of accepting goods by the buyer or delivering goods to the first common carrier, the risk of loss, destruction or damage of goods shall transfer from the seller to the buyer.

9.3 The provisions of Sections 422 to 427 and Section 429 et seq. of the Commercial Code shall be binding for the buyer and the seller to claim the liability for defects.

9.4 The obvious defects must be notified in writing by the buyer no later than 7 calendar days after delivery of goods and the hidden defects at the latest within 3 months.

9.5 The seller is obliged to remove the recognized defects by repair, replacement, credit note or in any other agreed method no later than 2 months after receiving the complaint.


9.6 The danger of damage of the goods is transferred to the buyer at the moment of accepting the goods from the seller or at the moment when the seller hands the goods to the first independent carrier to the destination.

9.7 The seller is not liable for any damages incurred due to misuse or improper storage of goods delivered.

9.8 In case of recognizing the defect of goods, the seller will only pay the value of the properly claimed goods.

9.9 The claim of defects on the goods delivered does not have any deferring effect on the due date of the invoice for the goods under complaint and the buyer is obliged to pay within the due date pursuant to the contract.

9.10 In case of storage of a completed order by the seller longer than 10 days from the issue date of delivery note, both parties agree on a storage fee in the amount of 0.05% of the purchase price of the goods stored per each storage day.

9.11 Any quantity differences ascertained by the buyer outside the seller´s facility must be substantiated by testimony of a third independent person.

9.12 Failing to pay the price for the goods delivered within 30 days after the due date is considered to be a gross violation of the contract.

9.13 The seller is liable for the goods delivered up to the amount of price agreed for the printing.

10. Final Provisions

10.1 In cases not governed by these Terms, this contractual relationship shall be governed by the Commercial Code and, in case of any dispute, the court having local jurisdiction in the place of the seller´s registered office shall decide such dispute.

10.2 Notice: products listed in the seller´s catalogue are solely intended for advertising and promotional purposes.

10.3 The Contracting Parties are obliged to inform each other of each registered office or domicile change.

10.4 Any document in writing is considered to be delivered on the last day of deposit time limit, even though the addressee /the buyer or the seller/ has not learned about deposit of such document, if the document is sent to the last known address of the addressee /the buyer or the seller/ and the addressee /the buyer or the seller/ will not take it out within the deposit time limit. Any document in writing is also considered to be delivered in case that the addressee /the buyer or the seller/ rejects to accept it. The day of delivery shall be the day when the rejection of the written document occurred.